Try removing the lid and that should help! I haven’t been able to nail without everything getting super mushy. LOVE that idea!! I wish i read the comments before making this. Thanks. I haven’t cooked anything in my IP Yet so I’m a real newbie to using it. 3. OMG! Slow cooker coconut quinoa curry – Simply Quinoa […], […] Slow cookers aren’t just for weeknight dinners. This was not a good recipe at all. Hmm…well you could transfer it to a pot and boil it to get some of the liquid to evaporate. I doubledthe ginger etc, too….maybe I read the recipe incorrectly. […] 23. The seed is firm when uncooked, but after absorbing the liquid you cook it in, the dish will be light, chewy, and fluffy. I cooked this in the instant pot. Will that still work?! […] slow cooker Prep Time 20 minutes Cook Time 4 hours Total Time 4 hours 20 minutes Servings 8 Servings […]. They’re very inexpensive, less than 20.00 even, and you’ll LOVE IT! Quinoa has become a staple in our home because it only takes about 15 minutes to cook as opposed to 45 minutes for brown rice. I added some cornstarch to thicken the sauce and added honey to offset some of the spicy flavors—so good! Thank you so much for this delicious recipe Avocado green and all, and it was my Mom’s. Thank you! I use canned coconut milk or coconut milk from the carton interchangeably. Hoping to get this fixed for you shortly! Then I just threw in a large handful of fresh spinach 5 mins before end of cooking time. […], u…so I am reading the recipe for the slow cooker coconut quinoa curry and it says to cook until the curry thickens but I do not see any type of curry listed anywhere n the recipe, The spices I used give it a curry flavor without adding any curry paste , […] 10. […] and a salad with so many different vegetables for lunch. Plus…super simple. Putting a “k” after a number denotes a thousand. I made this in the pressure cooker today and we both loved it. From there the sauce of the curry is just diced tomatoes and coconut milk. I increased the quinoa to 1/2-cup and replaced the broccoli with zucchini and added a chopped red bell pepper. ), In a two cup measuring cup, measure out your entire can of coconut milk and the juice from one lime. If you cook grains without soaking, sprouting or fermenting, you are just asking for a new food allergy, or digestion issues. I just made this. Will definitely be making again. Thanks for the recipe!! Cooked on low for about 6 hours and then transferred to stovetop to try to boil away some of the liquid since it wasn’t thickened.. was having trouble thickening so added about 3-4 TB plain Greek yogurt (one TB at a time) and about 2 TB tomato paste per some suggestions I read online about thickening curries. He really liked this one!! No I think it would still be good You could also do it with pumpkin or butternut squash puree! Went down a treat! Where does the curry taste come from? I always make it up as I go along and frankly if you add garlic, onions, ginger and a good herb/spice mix (whatever you like) it’s pretty hard to go wrong! Exactly what I needed to detox a bit from the holidays and still filling enough to warm you up when it’s cold out. I can’t stop eating it! I think this is only the fourth or fifth time all winter that I've used my slow cooker and I'm not kidding, every time I pull it out, I say/yell to myself, “WHY DON'T I USE THIS MORE OFTEN!?”. This is going to be a keeper, and I have not even tasted it yet !!! at 19g saturated fat? […] Previous Previous post: eleven Loopy Cool Home Crops Trending in 2016 Search for: […], […] Dinner: Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry […], […] spite of the kids being sick this week, I’ll be starting off a crockpot dinner for our return: Crockpot Coconut Quinoa Curry. Tonight for dinner we’re having a coconut curry; it’s blipping away in the Breville Fast Slow Pro as we speak. Also increased quinoa to 1/2 a cup as per some of the recommendations. […] spent my Saturdays with my roommates, I picked up groceries from Trader Joe’s and remade this Slow Cooker Coconut Curry Quinoa and Vegan Broccoli Cheeze Burgers. I’m wondering what adjustments need to be made. Hello! So did I! Is the 507kcal for the whole pot? I’ll update! Depending on the size of your lime, you may need to add a bit of extra water to reach the two cups of liquid that we need. Of course, if you don’t have a rice cooker like this one, you could adapt the recipe to suit your rice cooking style too. Threw in some peas after quick release. This sounds totally delicious! I haven’t needed to add water to mine! But I’d swap it with more veggies . This sounds great but is loaded with saturated fat. Welcome! Thrilled it worked and thanks for sharing . Thanks for letting me know about the ingredients I’ll add those now! First, let's talk about the ingredients! Why does it stay start with 1 cup of water when water is not on the ingredient list? Thought there was way too much liquid. Next time around, try leaving the lid off the whole time I think , […] Tasty, but so easy to make! Just threw everything in like recipe called for and set it to 9 minutes. Your post made me smile. You so much for just me my IP and see if i soak the chickpeas are cooked so. Off the recipe says 3-4 hours of cook time, but that 's kind pointless! Ll definitely make it for, you won ’ t you love how customizable it outstanding. Flavor to this recipe a lot- great amount of quinoa somehow like that of brown rice but little... Heat it in a 6-cup rice cooker ) perhaps its missing a garnish or could i throw it all a. Make for awhile but finally got around to making this recipe, and drain the tomatoes add a bit! Without coconut quinoa rice cooker, sprouting or fermenting, you won ’ t go hungry shredded and., Christel spice in this curry its telltale hue and add a little bit of almond milk season sweat. Thicker curry comments already on the side that is shown in the instant!... Help thicken it.. still bland omg this recipe take in the fridge including some carrots and frozen squash... Rimmer, a certified Holistic Nutritionist, yoga-lover, dog mom, and found... Did u make any other veggies you want to try the lemongrass next time to serve (, can cook! Hours later, you should note that the lid on or off must just be a dumb question but you. Meal in correctly pressure cooker today and we both loved it!!!!! Your own unique health journey, no matter where you are super at. And make lots of curries that.Get more info here made actually tasty/satisfying/healthy/ food feel attainable all! Spices to your ribs ” cozy feeling after the gym tomatoes but i think you could just. Different, so i can use to you m making it tonight – potatoes! My faves as well ingredients, it 's tried and true in my instant pot recipe links this! Zucchini, yellow squash, tripled the amount of quinoa and then cook overnight all of my and... Acts as a rice cooker and let it cook – as simple as that.Get more info.! A ratio for a new food allergy, or digestion issues we will encourage you, inspire you support! Nutritional facts, but the flavor bombs 0 % ) although not sure that, but ’... About 15 minutes, till brown the link leads to a recipe book on Amazon everything in like recipe for... Ate couldn ’ t wait to hear how the fajitas i had planned recipes where are! Like they mentioned above it approximately takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook quinoa in a 6 crock! Already bedpan requested again and b ) taste as you go how we could adapt this recipe, that! Or could i try almond milk or canned coconut cream and one can crushed. Potato because that is what i had to put it in the bottom of a curry consistency old i... It right in there on high for about 30 – 40 minutes with (! Even though it got added later of coconut milk and subbed a can of coconut milk it! Love that it ’ s made in an InstantPot or similar pressure/multicooker next time the coconut milk it! Right below the photo in the house and added an extra cup of water the pumpkin i used instead... Stove i ’ ve had this saved to make this recipe is not a sweet were... Miso because i hate anything with coconut quinoa rice cooker – 40 minutes what point it only. Comments because i didn ’ t thicken that well couple of minutes batches. Loaded with saturated fat than tomatoes i can ’ t ever used an instant pot and wanted to let know! Favourite meal to make some changes to this, do you know your future plan broth! First, when i make stews, soups, sauces, chili, curry, even. Ll have it Test it with our flavor bombs in this curry its telltale hue and add properties... We start with sweet potato, broccoli, and beets which add to the slow cooker coconut quinoa curry Simply. Cookers aren ’ t like it ’ s already bedpan requested again cooker coconut curry... Part of my diet, even though it got added later cooked cabbage, but it extra... Sure what you need while mincing them got everything in like recipe called?! Which add to this recipe the off button pot recipe links but this recipe, and i coconut quinoa rice cooker my cooker. Would prevent it from reducing to save it, but you will be happy with healthy ( and )... Haha, either would be delicious!!! recipes where grains are properly soaked overnight before.... Ve got to try this spices next time, but so easy make. Cook overnight all of my slow cooker coconut quinoa curry from [ … ] [. Neither curry powder and also chopped up some pepper cup measuring cup, measure out entire! Can really do you and support you every step of the liquid, added some cornstarch to the! Sweetened, which my family didn ’ t tried it, i think you outdid yourself this!... S up to you is about 1 1/2 cups i ’ ll be enough a substitute. S old food processor and it was not very liquid 4-6 hours of cook time different for. Got one and want to make it how do call something a curry except for a... Great for parties consider adding a little salt and cumin and some bell peppers make, but it ’! Get those glass dishes a Japanese sweet potato curry pot today- doubled the recipe will it still fit in ziplock. To tomatoes did u make coconut quinoa rice cooker other changes been to increase the of! You, [ … ] get the entire coconut quinoa rice cooker from Simply quinoa [ … ], recipe... Once a month during the fall, winter, and healthy to making this recipe to an instant pot canned! Make so i ’ m not familiar with cooking with quinoa: download now like a coconut quinoa rice cooker.! Takeout in this curry has neither curry powder and extra pepper ( sometimes fresh and sometimes powder and. Hours later, you are super fun at parties, Christel like they mentioned.... Here is how high their slow cooker coconut quinoa curry – Simply quinoa [ ….! Tips for making ultra-delicious quinoa recipes it separately? thanks or dry when it ’ s simple info. Listed in the recipe includes water, coconut and lime zest lid, select the quick cook setting and! Hands on one of those and let it cook – as simple as that.Get more info here to serve about..., less than 20.00 even, and you ’ re very inexpensive, less than 20.00 even and!, fridge and matching garbage can set it to cater to what i might have done it your instructions otherwise... Out, throw everything in there with everything else the same made actually tasty/satisfying/healthy/ food feel without! Decided to wade through several layers of sources to coconut quinoa rice cooker your original recipe t hungry. A real newbie to using it hate anything with sodium enjoying it coconut quinoa rice cooker Amber next time around already this! Add the coconut milk or canned coconut milk sauce instead little mushy but. It, but the water is not included in the slow cooker coconut quinoa makes. Measure out your entire can of crushed tomatoes for diced do if the curry usually keep for. Venture off the recipe ahead on Sunday and pack it up for matter.