Err5: Unit not sensing a full water fill: Make sure both water lines are connected, not kinked or cramped, and and supply valves are turned on. Haier - Combination Washer/Dryer Not Drying Properly. Approximately 2.5 lbs. Water is needed in order for a combo model washer to perform the dry function. Therefore, if you need to dry your clothes in your combo washer dryer, it is recommended that you reduce the load by about half the amount of clothes. Not draining: Verify the drain pump filter is clear (accessible through door at bottom of unit). With a LG combo unit, cold water is used to condense the moisture in the air. The water taps should be fully open. If water is not supplied to the unit, the clothes will not be dried. This is completely different from how a standard dryer would work. haier hwd1000 washer/dryer combo unit fan motor won't come in drying mode but it does in the self test mode.the heater coil,thermalstat, and cut off fuse , … Also verify the drain hose is not pushed too far into the standpipe and is not kinked or crimped. Typically the washing machine's washing capacity is twice as much as the drying capacity.