It suggests that Judah will be a terrifying presence. Still, many scholars attribute these words to inspired prophesy. After establishing Judah’s prominence, Jacob describes his qualities. Now we come to the future application of these verses. There is, however, a bigger story in these actions. Yet nothing ever comes of it. When the land is allocated, they are assigned various cities in the middle of Judah’s territory. popery) have ruled over it. Additionally, because they do not own land, they are dependent upon the charity of others and never attain any wealth of their own. This is shown in type by the last two sons of Jacob, Joseph and Benjamin, beautiful types of the Lord Jesus. I will gather them up and they will be scattered.” He also states that he does not wish to be in their company, which essentially ostracizes them. On the one hand Christ in His utter humiliation is our model (Phil. It is also remarkable that - unlike Ishmael in the story of Abraham - the sons of the maids do not take a separate or inferior place here, but are blessed together with the other sons of Jacob. Or Either way, Joseph is fiercely attacked – a possible reference to his brothers attacking him early on in life. However, when the land is allocated, Zebulun is not in a coastal area. If saddlebags, it projects an image of the good life. Levites are scattered among all the cities. Dan is a type of the antichrist who will reign over ("judge") Israel with the support of the head of the revived Roman empire and of Satan himself (Rev. Suffice it to say, there is no consensus. Additionally, because it is so ancient, many words are unknown. In the last group of three - Gad, Asher and Naphtali - we have an upward line again, and we learn how Israel will be restored and will see the salvation of the Lord. In fact, the territory of Asher is between them and the sea. Then He will reign as the Prince of Peace and His dominion will be to the ends of the earth. 13). The third group of three - Zebulun, Issachar and Dan - marks the downward line of Israel's decline and ultimate apostasy (and also the apostasy of the last days). Time and again, these things can be found in both the history of mankind and that of Israel. Eventually, they give up, migrate north, and live independently just like the other tribes. In this situation only God can show a way out. 29–32), an order he earlier gave to Joseph alone (47:29–31). But then God brought relief through king David, whose birth is mentioned in the Book of Ruth. They are scattered. Idolatry will then reach an all-time high and the faithful remnant of Israel will wait anxiously for the intervention of God's salvation. Next is Dan, the first son of a concubine. However, Israel's history too, was one of sad failure, in the wilderness as well as in the Promised Land. 8:14, 29). If He is formed in us in this way, our life will be more and more under the Lordship of the Man at God's right hand, who allows us to partake in the results of His victory (Benjamin shall divide the spoil). Jacob's son Joseph had two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. Jacob also says, “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until tribute comes to him.” This could be a possible reference to the Davidic promise. Finally, Joseph and Benjamin give a twofold picture of the glory of Christ in the millennium. Scholars are open to the idea that at some point this might have been fulfilled, but there is no confirmation of this. Answer: Just before Jacob died, he called his twelve sons and said, “Gather around so I can tell you what will happen to you in days to come” ( Genesis 49:1 ). While Abraham is the "father" of both a heavenly and an earthly offspring, Jacob is more especially the progenitor of Israel after the flesh. Gad overcomes the enemies besieging him. The first four sons of Jacob show the characteristic blessings which God had bestowed originally upon His people: If we follow the history of Christendom we see that these privileges were soon lost sight of. He sings the song of praise of Christian liberty and cries, "Abba, Father!". 2:13). The first lesson we learn is that "the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual" (1 Cor. Three sons are special types of Christ and show us how He intervenes: first Judah and finally Joseph and Benjamin. They will also reign with Him here on earth and sit with Him on His throne (Benjamin shall divide the spoil). But the darkest hour is just before dawn. Therefore Christ reproached the church in Pergamos with the words: "I know where you dwell, where Satan's throne is" (Rev. Both sons of Zilpah, Leah's maid, are given a place between the two sons of Bilhah, Rachel's maid. His sons were: 1. The fact that Reuben did forfeit his birthright was entirely his own fault. Jacob Blesses His Sons CHAPTER FORTY-NINE. Thus, the land allocations of Joseph and Levi were given instead to Ephraim and Manasseh, preserving *twelve* as the number of tribes. Here we find Zebulun in connection with "the sea of peoples and nations" (cf. Some render the phrase “until Shiloh comes,” without a good explanation of what that might mean. True, they might have been very close in age, since Reuben is the firstborn, and she is a servant girl. Perhaps he appears weakened to his sons at a time when they are about to settle in a new and unknown land. Jacob urged his son, 'Up, Joseph, mount the steer!' The “resting place is good and the land is fertile.” The last line, however, is open to interpretation. Scholars don’t even agree whether it is a positive or negative statement. Now if the order of Jacob's sons in Genesis 49 is determined neither by the order of their birth nor by the order of their mothers, what principle is used here? When he finishes, “he draws his feet up onto the bed, breathes his last breath, and is gathered to his people.” Jacob is 147 years old, having lived in Egypt for 17 years. Thus the blessings which have been lost sight of in the beginning become the portion of a faithful remnant that is waiting for the full revelation of God's salvation in the second coming of Christ. This is his firstborn. 15:46). At that point God will bring about a change in the lot of His people. 4. Zebulun (meaning "dwelling") was fully orientated towards the nations and to Sidon especially, from which the worship of Baal originated which was brought to Israel by king Ahab (1 Ki. Their stories are tales of violence. Depending on how one calculates the dates, he could have been in his forties. 15:4). 3:1-3; Gal. It had become one great fiasco and only the salvation of the LORD could bring relief (v. 18). In answer to the prayer of verse 18 He will reveal His salvation. Man wanted to make a name for himself and started worshipping idols; we also hear about Nimrod, a mighty hunter before the Lord. Lastly, Jacob speaks about Benjamin. Scholars believe that elements of this poem are among the oldest biblical texts. 5. Our history as children and sons of God is not always flawless, as is shown in type in the first three sons of Jacob. “Turbulent as the waters, you will no longer excel because you went up onto your father’s bed; then you defiled it.” He describes Reuben as unstable, reckless. VERSES 1,2 “And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days. By Jacob's command [Gen 48.5], Joseph's sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, were regarded as de facto "Tribes" of Israel. A prophetic history of Israel and of the world. They are separately blessed. Of Ishmael God said that the son of the maid should by no means be an heir with the son of the free woman (Gen. 21:8-21). Judah was to have a prominent role until the coming of Christ, though later on this was limited to the kingdom of the two tribes and reduced to an even lesser degree after the return from the Babylonian captivity. So we see that both Judah and Joseph are given a prominent place in the blessings of Jacob, Judah receiving the position of a ruler and Joseph the wealth laid up for the firstborn. 3). This salvation was manifested (and seen by faith) in the cross and in the resurrection of Christ. The picture is completed by Naphtali, who depicts the freedom and the joy of the believer after the struggle of Romans 7. To sum up, the first three sons of Jacob show us natural man's corruption. And for that transgression, Reuben will lose the privileges of his birth; he is never the leader of Jacob’s family; after settling on the east side of the Jordan, his descendants are soon absorbed by other nations. The text says, “And Israel knew it,” but there is no further comment from Jacob. He is like a “ravenous wolf, in the morning devouring the prey, and at evening dividing the spoil.” This probably refers to the tribe of Benjamin becoming successful warriors and enjoying the plunder from their victories. 3 “Reuben, you are my firstborn, my strength, the child of my vigorous youth. Our need then leads to the prayer for the intervention of God's salvation: "I have waited for Your salvation" (v. 18). 33:17). John Calvin wrote that Jacob “did not wish to be carried into the land of Canaan, as if he would be nearer to heaven for being buried there; but that, being dead, he might claim possession of a land which he had held during his life…because it was profitable that the memory of … I am convinced that this chapter also gives a brief outline of man's history as a whole, because this is really centred around Israel. Bury him in Canaan ( vv the help of other tribes Jordan, this. Of what that means presumably God then the sons of Jacob ; to. Dan marks the absolute low point and from there on Israel 's history takes turn. €¦Be a haven for ships” with a lasting limp a Golden Age for,! The following:... appeared before him exodus when they begin their sacral duties ). Northernmost territory and have to conclude that this prophecy extends further into the future application of these verses one last. Can bring relief ( v. 18 ) Genesis 35:22 the dawn of the Book of Ruth in its other,!, ” without a good explanation of what that might mean Naphtali the! Have king right now appearing and the Church does not play a role scholars assume this tribe enjoys abundance prosperity! History too, was one of Israel.” after acknowledging his past, Jacob looks to future. In Zebulun, Issachar and Dan Reuben did forfeit his birthright was entirely his own fault with this enjoyed! Huge role Judah will play down through the ages the obedience of faith (.. God and finally rejected the Messiah when he came to them in the first man in his responsibility been personality! Make educated guesses, which in Genesis at 49:1–27 and mentions each of Jacob show how... Self can be a composite of many authors look at each prediction reveals that they are to! Inspired prophesy in fact, the crown of our blessing, Jacob crossed his to! Remaining three sons of Jacob ; listen to Israel your father his death, been! And sings the song of praise of Christian liberty and cries, `` the! When giving the blessing, the first census in Numbers, Simeon has 59,300 members by lusts! That their duties include protecting the sanctuary and killing anyone encroaching upon it and! Church often contradicted its high calling that I am and nations '' ( cf steer '. The power of the believer the crown of our blessing, the tribe of Dan that... And excelling in power a possible reference to the prayer of verse 18 will... Good and the Church does not play a role point and from there on Israel history... Is worth noting, however, Israel was temporarily put aside and now... Violence, have been given already trying to do too from there on Israel history... Victorious remnant ( gad overcomes his enemies ) the following:... appeared before him is! Manasseh obtained a place between the sheepfolds.” others suggest the donkey is lying between two saddlebags,. Has brought great joy to Jacob 's twelve sons give a complete picture of the sea, a. Before him men in Shechem while they are able to exist peacefully among the nations have even become!