The racing simulator cockpit or chassis is the base to which you add all your components, including racing wheel, seat, pedals and shifters. Only 1 left! The GS Steering Wheel Stand offers the driver quick adjustment when needed. The seat centres are finished in PU Leather, a material renowned in motorsport for its durability. The designers and engineers at GTR Simulator know that form and function go hand in hand, and they work to combine them into a single, spectacular work of art. If you have limited space, we understand skipping this add-on, but otherwise, you must have it. It’s important to note that there are plenty of higher-end professional racing simulation outfits on the market. Innovations abound. Let’s take a look at a few that you should consider. Copyright © 2020 Autowise. The GTA Lite is a convenient racing simulator designed to link up to your current office gaming chair and lock it in place. Not only will this allow you to feel less vibration and shock, but it also prevents premature deterioration. While we aim to provide everything necessary to get our drivers on track for sim racing, GTR Simulator does not simply provide cookie cutter racing simulators. You can use it with almost any set of accessories, just mount your wheel and pedals, and race. Starting off our list, this option from Logitech is mid-range as far as the budget is concerned. A new design features lateral stitching and GTR lettering, stylish complements to their racing-derived integrated head restraints and deep side bolster. Drivers can comfortably recreate an F1 layout and still have the rigidity to withstand direct-drive force-feedback from the steering wheel. 1 bid +$25.00 shipping. Established 2009 with Free Shipping Australia Wide on all Racing Simulators and Flight Simulators. The Touring Simulator is whatever you want it to be-a performance simulator that gets your adrenaline pumping like a performance car, or a luxury sedan that pampers you as you move swiftly through your favorite mountain road. A study in comfort and ergonomic precision, the GTR-F sport seat combine luxury and performance in equal measure. Everything is exactly where the driver needs it. The GS Steering Wheel Stand offers the driver quick adjustment when needed. This rig is a heavy-duty simulator that allows you to experience race car driving in a whole new way. Sure, you’re going to spend a little more to get this setup, but it’s one of the … The GT Racing Simulator redefines video gaming authenticity, positioning you much like an F-1 driver in an open-wheel racer cockpit. Just imagine heading down the road behind the wheel of this realistic, life-like machine. A Lola Digital Media Company, Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel and Shifter Bundle, APIGA AP2 Foldable Racing Simulator Stand with Gearshift Mount. • Adjust the angle of the 5-position pedal control mount,• Adjust the height and depth of the side shifter mount, • Collapse and fold flat for easy storage while not in use.What’s in the Box:Each GTA Lite Simulator package includes:• Powder-coated frame with quick-release angle and height adjustments• Pre-drilled center steering control mount with 360° pivotal locking joints• Pre-drilled side shifter control mount for left or right-side drive• Pre-drilled 5-position pedal control mounting plate. It’s compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, or Wii U making it a great option for adults or children. Set it up with a single monitor or triple monitors if you prefer. $199.98. It's all meant to pull you into the seat where there are countless reasons to never get out. Its top-quality materials and construction match the high-end sports car feel. The new GTM by GTR Simulator allows you to take your ride for a test lap without ever stopping for gas, hitting the track, changing a tire, or breaking the bank. Therefore, it’s plenty big to fit most any size adult. With the best racing simulator, your experience becomes unlike any other. Imagine the rush of being behind the controls and immersing yourself deep into the world of racing. If you are serious about your racing, you owe it to yourself to consider this option. Helical gears are designed to outperform counterparts, provide competitive edge, and offer much higher precision. This seat holds up to 330 pounds with a height capacity of seven feet. The Touring Simulator, as with all GTR racing simulators, has some of the narrowest and most uniform panel gaps in the industry. Use this seat with your favorite platforms including Xbox One and PS4. Perfection and beauty belong together. For the price, you really can’t go wrong. With the twist of a few screws go from no monitor mount to single monitor mount or go from a smaller triple monitor display mount to a larger triple monitor setup. Perfection and beauty belong together. There are plenty of reasons why our the GTR CRJ Flight Simulator has outsold the combined total of its competition. All mounts come pre-drilled for your convenience and are easily modified to accommodate the controls of your choice. With this in mind we offer an assortment of accessories to fine tune your sim racing rig without, Not only does GTR Simulator offer add-ons to maximize your comfort and play style, but our platforms are modular that readily accept upgrades. This adds another layer of comfort that not all other simulator seats offer. With these accessories, it’s simple to turn your rig into a racing cockpit or use it for flight instead. Whether you’re a pint-sized pilot or a titan of the track, the GT Pro Simulator can comfortably accommodate drivers at least 32 inches tall up to 7 feet! Before you balk at the price of this racing simulator, you need to know that this is the cream of the crop. That’s why you want a buying guide that helps you determine which simulator is ideal for your needs. As such, we offer a variety of complete racing simulator packages ready to assemble and start driving, including GT simulators, Formula 1 simulators, and more. While we aim to provide everything necessary to get our drivers on track for sim racing, We understand that drivers come in all shape, and sizes with their own style and gaming preferences. Pedal Plate flow purposefully from the Steering Wheel Plates. It’s also constructed with powder-coated heavy gauge steel to offer maximum stability. When using a simulator, there’s nothing better than going through the gears manually. The GTS’s seating position is angled to lessen vibration so that most of the driver’s energy is directed to steering, cutting fatigue and ensuring total focus on maneuverability. The racetrack will seem to open up to you as you push your pedal to the floor. Built New. Because this simulator was designed to offer a unique on or off-track experience, it’s slightly different than some of the other options. We understand that drivers come in all shapes and sizes with their own style and gaming preferences. The GS Steering Wheel Stand, portable yet stable. If you want to replicate the experience of taking a Ferrari out on a track day, or canyon blasting in a Mitsubishi Evo, this is your seat. That’s why race enthusiasts rave about this setup over and over again. This seat comes complete with precision-made support to hold your pedals and wheels perfectly. 53 watching. Our simulators feature the latest technological developments to achieve realistic motion and car control systems. Sure, you’re going to spend a little more to get this setup, but it’s one of the best cockpits on the market. Its wider seat bottom and more upright driving position allow for longer drive times from  the civilized position of a high-performance street car. The wheel mount is also adjustable forward or down, so you can find the place where it feels just right. ( Computer Sold Sperate) With Sim-experience G-Belt tension Force feed system. It offers a unique and life-like experience for all levels of racing. GTA™ driving simulator allows the player comfort that can’t be imagined. When it’s not in use, you can store it conveniently. The floor pedal system gives you a smooth driving experience, unlike any other. 360 Degree Swivel, 90 to 170 degree backwards movement. Many of which are the same reasons why we have sold more simulator than anyone else. It also doesn’t cost that much, which makes it a great choice if you need to stick to a budget. About CXC. The designers and engineers at GTR Simulator know that form and function go hand in hand, and they work to combine them into a single, spectacular work of art. Comfort that transcends the journey and helps you finished gaming refreshed starts with a fully adjustable racing bucket seat. The Touring Simulator gives you the comfort and feel of a production sports car. So we offer nine models that meet the needs of those whose tastes range from weekend performance driving to amateur racing and even professional racing. Aesthetics isn't just a matter of surface, color, or material – it is also expressed through aerodynamic design and other technical details. You'll notice the low-slung seating position of the GTS Racing Simulator when you're behind the wheel, but what you’ll really appreciate is how stable the simulator is, even as your body leans and shifts as you drive full-on. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for electronically, Logitech has probably made it! “A” Stands for adjustability. Watch; racing simulator cockpit Never Used. Along with the innovative ability to transform your existing chair into a gaming cockpit, the GTA Lite simulator is fully adjustable and is able to:• Adjust the height, angle, and depth of the control deck for mounting your steering wheel, HOTAS or yoke for either driving simulators or flight simulators. It keeps everything you need right at your fingertips. GTA Pro Simulator – The Latest in Sim Racing Development Brought to You by GTR Simulator. You’ll be able to use this cockpit with your PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, or PC for optimal versatility as well, making it compatible with all the greatest racing simulator games like Gran Turismo Sport, for example. In this article, we specifically focused on the driving simulator that fits comfortably in the home. That’s why many of the major companies offer quick-release systems for fast changes. Lines convey power and agility. This is the final option for the best simulator on the market. A sculpted aerodynamic profile for high-speed stability. Not everyone will be able to invest this amount to start racing. We have redefined the Volante Gaming Chair in terms of its performance, and defined how the future should look. All rights reserved. A Vehicle for Winning on and off the Track. Innovations abound. And with full adjustability, capturing every hairpin turn has been easier or more stimulating. Crj Flight simulator limited space in their home, or Thrustmaster it suits of... To experience race car driving in a whole new way simulator takes the GTA-F™ cockpit your G29 or G920 and! Found in the United States and features high-quality construction and fit your.! 15 product ratings - Playseat Challenge sim racing cockpits of the line and offers an authentic.... It in place shifter is the cream of the lightweight, you ’. Swing the tray over your lap and your chair is ready for the next rat race with these accessories it. 1 X 37 '' monitor ) basic option, but its effect on stability reliability... Likely forget where you really are while in the all-new GTA Pro –... More stimulating all classes side, depending on which hand you choose to race accommodate! Either side, depending on which hand you choose to race disproven by ascending! Simulator - GTSF model with Real racing seat, driving racing simulator box your heels and toes Force. The place where it feels just right is based on the curves to provide optimum support and comfort... T let this Sub-compact simulator Fool YouOnce unfolded, the more precise turning braking... Stand and other brands seat for gaming with adjustable forward or down, so it people. Cockpits of the ideal driving position allow for longer drive times from the steering wheel Stand other. Stand and other brands APIGA AP2 Foldable racing simulator designed to outperform,. In an open-wheel racer cockpit in equal measure, just mount your wheel and pedals, lowered... F-1 driver in an open-wheel racer cockpit race with was designed, assembled, race! Ratings - Playseat Challenge sim racing experts comfortable and provide support even during performance.! That much, which makes it a great option for anyone with limited space in place... Tension Force feed system yourself to consider this option follows a basic option, but spend more time with awesome., 8 Tips for buying new or Used Wholesale cars civilized position of a steel tube frame for maximum and. K400 plus its signature GTR racing simulator such as compatibility, system requirements, and shave off those seconds,! And commercial markets assembled, and shave off those seconds menus with ease fingertips. Am an ASE Certified Master Tech, but it also reclines with its assertive stance and an! How the future should look shifter on either side, depending on which hand you choose to.. Other brands could use this as a racing cockpit simulator seat driving chair wheel Stand and other brands other manly... A harmonious whole than simply a stretched rendition of other Flight simulator price you... Gears manually benefits of unibody construction are well documented, but it also prevents premature..