Fuego Hot Chili Pepper & Lime Takis Chips 9.9 oz. Nitro Habanero & Lime Takis Chips 9.9 oz. By a hair, our favorite Taki-like product is in fact made by Takis. Crunchy Fajitas Takis Chips 9.9 oz. Yes, YOU! Watch Queue Queue Volcano Queso Takis Chips 9.9 oz. Takis Fuego. This video is unavailable. There are even limited edition blue Takis, which are called the Azul. Hey, YOU! Guacamole Takis Chips 9.9 oz. Blue Heat Takis Chips 9.9 oz. For Takis, there are about 12 different flavors—all of them being super spicy. Stix Fuego Takis Chips 9.9 oz. They range from Hot Chili Pepper & Lime—the ones that we usually see in stores—to BBQ to Guacamole. Takis Chips 9.9 oz each (Takis Fuego, Takis blue Heat,Takis Spicy Buffalo Combo Plus a Mexican Buffalo Hot sauce 5.3oz The Ultimate Takis Chips Sampler. Please WATCH TIL THE END ️Please SUBSCRIBE To My Channel I Would Really Appreciate It! The Fuego is our ur-Taki, brilliantly spicy, jolted with lime, and blessed with a layered crunchiness. Scorpion BBQ Takis Chips 9.9 oz. ... A middle-of-the-road Taki in terms of heat and flavor. SHARE THIS! Stix Chili & Lime Takis Chips 9.9 oz. Watch Queue Queue. Wild Takis Chips 9.9 oz